Uponor Vario S Manifold FM 2-12 Port Stainless Steel Underfloor Heating Manifold
From £ 81.70 inc vat
Uponor 1083866 Minitec Panel x 8
£ 112.99 inc vat
Uponor 1063287 Minitec 9.9x1.1mm PEX Pipe 60m
£ 75.44 inc vat
Uponor 1063288 Minitec 9.9x1.1mm PEX Pipe 120m
£ 150.89 inc vat
Uponor 1063289 Minitec 9.9x1.1mm PEX Pipe 240m
£ 301.76 inc vat
Uponor 1063381 Minitec 9.9x1.1mm PEX Pipe 480m
£ 603.53 inc vat
Uponor 1086558 1" straight Vario S Manifold Ball Valve
£ 25.04 inc vat
Uponor 1094185 Fluvia T Pump Group MPG-UK 15KW
£ 493.26 inc vat
Uponor 1005274 Minitec Clamp Track
£ 11.14 inc vat
9,9¾ Uponor 1013426 Minitec Compression Adapter
£ 5.24 inc vat
MAPEI Ultrabond ECO VS90 PLUS HT Vinyl/Rubber Flooring Adhesive 5kg
£ 23.77 inc vat
Uponor 1005264 Minitec coupling
£ 4.70 inc vat
Uponor 1005267 Minitec Edging Strip
£ 18.60 inc vat
Uponor 1016690 Minitec Compression Coupling
£ 13.34 inc vat
Mapei Ultraplan Renovation Levelling Compound 25kg
£ 20.40 inc vat
Mapei Eco Prim T 5kg
£ 43.39 inc vat

Uponor Minitec

Transform your renovation with Uponor Minitec low-profile underfloor heating, the go-to underfloor heating system for projects with limited floor height. Experience effortless installation, responsive warmth, and superior comfort without major construction. Fast installation, short heat-up
time: Uponor Minitec offers you a range of advantages. The Uponor Minitec panel for laying the Uponor PE-Xa pipes 9.9 x 1.1 mm can be installed on any existing screed, timber or tiled floor. Thanks to the low panel height of 10mm, it is particularly suitable for integration into existing buildings.

The levelling layer is installed just above the raised castellation,  resulting in a possible total installation height of only 15 mm. After a short drying time, the desired floor covering can be placed directly onto the surface.  As the pipe is just right below the top floor layer, heat-up times are short and Uponor Minitec can be operated at low heating water temperatures, responding quickly to temperature adjustments.

  • Fast, Low-Disruption Installation Minitec's self-adhesive panels and pre-punched design simplify the process, allowing for a single installer and immediate walkability. Integrate seamlessly into your existing screed, timber, or tiled flooring for minimal project disruption.

  • Rapid Warmth for Optimal Comfort Pipes positioned directly beneath the surface ensures incredibly fast heat-up times and efficient response to temperature changes. Minitec operates effectively with low water temperatures, maximizing energy savings while providing superior warmth.
  • Flexible Design for Any Space Minitec adapts to various room layouts and doesn't require edge-to-edge installation. Enjoy the flexibility of 90° and 45° pipe bends for customization within your space.
  • Technical Notes:
    80-meter maximum pipe loop length
  • Not compatible with Egger Protect or Cabershield

Technical Specifications

Minitec Panels



Max. traffic load (including levelling compound)

5,0 kN/m2

Pipe spacing
Vz 5, 10, 15

Panel dimensions (l x w)

1,120 mm x 720 mm

Total element height

12 mm

System type

Wet system

Volumetric share of levelling layer Vz 5 Vz 10 Vz 15
(at layer thickness 15 mm)

Vz 5 Vz 10 Vz 15
(at layer thickness 15 mm) approx. 12.4 l/m2 approx. 13.2 l/m2 approx. 13.5 l/m2

DIN reg. no.


Minitec Pipe

Pipe dimensions

9.9 x 1.1 mm

SDR (Standard Dimension Ratio)

Value 9 (acc. EN ISO 15875)

S (Pipe Series)

Value 4 (acc. EN ISO 15875)


PE-Xa (acc. EN 16892)




According to DIN EN 16892 / DIN EN ISO 15875-2

Oxygen tightness

According to DIN 4726, section 3.5


0.94 g/cm³ (acc. EN 16892)

Thermal conductivity

0.35 W/mK

Mean thermal linear expansion

70 °C: 0.15 mm/m K (acc. EN 16892)

Crystallite melting temperature

133 °C

 Building material class


Min. bending radius

50 mm

Pipe roughness

0.007 mm

Water content

0.0465 l/m

Pipe marking

[length] m PE-Xa 9.9 x1.1 oxygen-tight according to
DIN 4726 EN ISO 15875 class 4/8 bar [DIN approval
mark] 3V279 PE-X

Max. continuous operating pressure (water at 20 °C) 1

19.1 bar (safety factor SF = 1.25 (according to
DIN EN ISO 15875 for 20 °C), for 50 operating years

Max. continuous operating pressure (water at 70 °C)

8.8 bar (safety factor SF = 1.5 (according to
DIN EN ISO 16893), for 50 operating years

Application class according to DIN EN ISO 15875

4 (underfloor heating)

At permissible operating pressure

8 bar

Pipe couplings Uponor

9.9 x 1.1 type couplings

Optimum installation temperature

 ≥ 0 °C

UV protection

lightproof cardboard box
(unused piping must be stored in cardboard box!)

Coil sizes
60, 120, 240 & 480m

installation Notes: 80-meter max loop length.Not compatible with Egger Protect or Cabershield.