Minitec Comfort Pipe 60m - 1063287
£ 49.14+vat
Minitec Comfort Pipe 120m - 1063288
£ 98.28+vat
Minitec Comfort Pipe 240m - 1063289
£ 196.56+vat
Minitec Comfort Pipe 480m - 1063381
£ 393.12+vat
Minitec Compression Coupling - 1016690
£ 6.84+vat
Uponor 1013426 Minitec Compression Adapter
£ 3.41+vat
Uponor Minitec Clamp Track - 1005274
£ 24.77+vat
Uponor Minitec Edging Strip - 1020183
£ 12.01+vat
Uponor Minitec Panel - 1083866
£ 75.13+vat
Uponor Vario B Manifold
From £ 74.28+vat

Uponor Minitec

Uponor Minitec is the perfect solution for those looking to have a quick turnaround on their underfloor heating project. The main advantage with Uponor Minitec is that it is a low profile system and allows for various floor coverings to be fitted. The Uponor Minitec panel for laying the PE-Xa pipes 9.9 x 1.1 mm can be installed on any existing screed, timber or tiled floor.