DEVI Thermostats

Devi Thermostats are a great range of thermostats that are brought to you by Danfoss. They complete any underfloor heating system with effective temperature control functions. Depending on your requirements, here at Underfloor Store, we offer the simple Devi dial thermostat, all the way through to a range of Devi smart thermostats that allow you to control your underfloor heating system from anywhere with a WIFI connection.


Devi Thermostats at Underfloor Store

Here at Underfloor Store, we have a great range of Devi thermostats available. You can choose from the DEVIlink 140F1137 FT Floor Thermostat, DEVIlink 140F1136 RS Room Sensor, DEVIlink CC Wireless Controller, DEVIreg 535 – Flush Mounted Programmable Thermostat and the DEVIreg Touch. Each one of these Devi thermostats has fantastic capabilities for controlling the temperature of your underfloor heating system.


Reasons to Choose Devi Thermostats

Devi by Danfoss is a high-end brand of thermostats that are technologically advanced in controlling your room temperature. Here are just a few reasons why Devi Thermostats by Danfoss are a great choice:

  • They have a discreet and timeless design – The range of Devi thermostats are made to complement most home decors and are available in a selection of colours. They are also small enough to blend into the background and can fit into a standard wall socket.
  • They come with a 5-year warranty – These Devi thermostats are built to last, but if you ever have a problem, then you’ve got peace of mind knowing that you have a warranty in place to exchange your thermostat.
  • They have energy-saving capabilities – Devi thermostats let you schedule your underfloor heating system to suit your personal needs. You save energy as the thermostats adapt to the temperature of the room and learn when to shut off your underfloor heating system.
  • You can control all your thermostats from one location – By getting the wireless controller installed, you can control all your thermostats from just one location!
  • Control your thermostats from the convenience of your sofa – You can connect your wireless controller to an app on your smartphone or tablet, meaning that you can control your underfloor heating systems from anywhere with a WIFI connection.


Devi Thermostats are great thermostats if you’re looking for an upgrade from a basic dial thermostat. The friendly team at Underfloor Store is here to help you choose the perfect Devi thermostats for your underfloor heating systems, simply get in touch today!