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Underfloor Heating Spares

Underfloor heating is one of the best methods of heating a home as it reduces your energy bills in addition to providing you with radiant, even temperatures throughout a room. Here at Underfloor Store, we have everything you need for your underfloor heating system including a range of wet underfloor heating spares. Feel free to browse through our range of spares and products through the rest of our website. 

Our Wet Underfloor Heating Spares

Have you ever bought a ‘complete’ wet underfloor heating kit that was missing some of the parts you needed? Not to worry; Underfloor Store has a full range of all wet underfloor heating parts to ensure that you don’t go without. You'll find Uponor underfloor heating spares, Polypipe underfloor heating spares including Polypipe flow meters and Polypipe manifold balancing valves, Warmus spares, control spares and our own selection of the finest spares. We have everything you need from pressure gauges to actuator pin valves to make sure you can get any underfloor heating spares you require. All wet underfloor heating spares at Underfloor Store are built to the highest standards to stand the test of time.

Why Buy Spares at Underfloor Store?

A wet underfloor heating system will become an essential part of your home that you can rely on daily as it can provide you with the perfect temperature for any room. Our wet underfloor heating systems are built to last almost a lifetime with hardly any maintenance involved. However, if your system stops working, then it may be that a replacement part is needed. The underfloor heating spares at Underfloor Store are universal and can fit almost any wet underfloor heating system, so you can rest assured that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at affordable prices. We can offer you complete kits to supply you with all the spares you may need for your wet underfloor heating system. 

For any assistance in which underfloor heating spares are best for you, email and we can provide you with the best recommendations for your wet underfloor heating system.