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WARMUS 16x2mm MLC Pipe
From £ 30.00+vat
WARMUS 12x2m Pert Pipe
From £ 42.50+vat
Uponor 16X2mm PEX Pipe
From £ 120.53+vat
Uponor 16X2mm MLC Pipe
From £ 87.42+vat
Uponor 20x2mm PEX Pipe
From £ 124.92+vat
Uponor Minitec 9.9x1.1mm PEX Pipe
From £ 62.87+vat


Underfloor Store is home to all the underfloor heating pipes that you may need, from big name brands, including Uponor and Warmus. We have a range of PEX and MLC pipes available in varying lengths and widths to offer the perfect underfloor heating pipe for your wet underfloor heating system

Pipes for Water Underfloor Systems

Underfloor heating pipes are predominately used for water based underfloor heating systems and are an integral part of any wet underfloor heating system as they are used to transport the hot water throughout the system. Each underfloor heating system is different and will, therefore, require different pipes to provide the best functionality. All our wet underfloor heating pipes are made from cross-linked polyethylene to provide superior quality for your underfloor heating system

PEX Underfloor Heating Pipe 

The PEX underfloor heating pipe features an oxygen barrier coating. The oxygen barrier is present to prevent oxygen from entering, stopping corrosion within the piping system. You don’t need to worry about the oxygen barrier being worn away, as the barrier is made to ensure that it can withstand the weight of the system and the flooring above it. 

As well as the unique oxygen barrier coating, PEX pipes are easy to lay, flexible, resistant to kinks and can withstand high pressures of water. Underfloor Store stocks a wide range of varying lengths and widths of the PEX pipe to ensure that you find the right fit for your underfloor heating system.

Choosing the Correct Underfloor Heating Pipe

When you’re choosing pipe for your underfloor heating system, it can be hard to decide which one is correct for your system as there are so many different underfloor heating pipes available. Here at Underfloor Store, we have a huge variety of pipes for any kind of system, including a low-profile screeded system. Our low-profile underfloor heating pipes come in three different lengths: 60m, 120m, 240m and 480m. 

Whether you are buying a complete system with us or need new pipes for your underfloor heating system, we can recommend underfloor heating pipes that will integrate seamlessly into your underfloor heating system and provide you with a superior, efficient system that lasts a lifetime.