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Uponor 1083866 Minitec Panel

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Uponor 1083866 Minitec Panel

Uponor Minitec Panels allow for quick, secure and easy installation thanks to the adhesive surface. he pipes are held in place by the castellation on the Minitec panel, ensuring that the installation meets the relevant standards. The panel is equipped with specially designed panels for the laying of the pipe at 90° and also in 45° bends

As the pipe is right below the top floor layer, heat-up times are short and Uponor Minitec can be operated at low heating water temperatures. Therefore, it is ideal for heat pumps and the use of renewable energy.

Technical Specifications

CodeUponor 1083866

Number of panels per pack


Panel size1120 x 720 x 12mm
Pack coverage

Diagonal Pipe Fixture For Installation

0° and 45°