Underfloor Heating Manifolds

What are Underfloor Heating Manifolds?

Underfloor heating manifolds are the heart of any underfloor heating system and are used to control the flow of water and provide an even, comfortable warmth across the whole floor. Usually consisting of a series of thermostatically controlled 2 port valves, temperature gauges, a mixing valve and a circulation pump; manifolds reduce the installation time by limiting the number of fittings required to connect pipework. Usually, all the pipes within an underfloor heating system will pass through a flow or return manifold to control individual zones within a system.


•    Made for easy installation
•    Available in a range of different ports from 2 - 12  to suit your requirements
•    Reliable performance

•    A tried and tested method of delivering warm water.
•    Easy to maintain

What makes up your underfloor heating manifold?

1.    Flow Meter    

The flow meters are mounted to the flow arm. This is usually to the top of a manifold with one per circuit. During installation of your manifold, the flow meter will be configured with the correct flow.


2.    Compact Control Pack

The Manifold Control Pack distribution unit is designed to provide reliable flow temperature control for your underfloor heating. Attached to the upper arm is the thermometer and to the bottom, the thermostatic valve with the pump found between.  


3.    Isolation Valves

Should your underfloor heating system need to be tested the isolation valves prevent the need to drain the whole system. The isolation valves have coloured butterfly handles. Red for flow and Blue for return.


4.    Actuators

When you ask for heat via your thermostat the request is sent to your wiring centre which in turn

How is the manifold controlled?

Once connected to your heat source all of the electrical parts of the manifold is controlled via the wiring centre. When a thermostat in any given zone calls for heat the wiring centre will supply that specific actuator voltage which in turns open the circuit so water can flow through. The wiring centre will in turn control any zone valves and the heat source such as a boiler 

Where do I mount the manifold?

To get the most from your underfloor heating system the manifold location is key. The most efficient place to mount your manifold is in a central location so that pipe feeds are minimum so your zones are heated as quickly as possible. For some properties, it may be the case that more than one manifold is used.

Tried and tested

All distribution manifolds are made from drawn brass bars with a special profile. They are machined and assembled automatically; they then undergo stress relief heat treatment in order to minimise the crack risk. Each manifold is tested under pressure with all the fittings and accessories mounted to ensure no leaks. Threads on the main column connections comply with ISO228 standard. Derivation pipes are connected with a 3/4 Eurocone thread, sealed by glued o-rings to ensure they don’t loosen when disassembling the fitting. With the flow meter devices installed on delivery manifolds, one can monitor the flow rate of each branch through a spy-glass with graduated scale and indicator.