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tekmar 264e Boiler Controller (Kanmor)
£ 971.60+vat
tekmar 374 Weather Compensator (Kanmor)
£ 1143.80+vat
tekmar 079e Slab Sensor
£ 37.30+vat
tekmar 084 Wall Sensor (Kanmor)
£ 40.07+vat
tekmar 260e Single Boiler Controller (Kanmor)
£ 456.40+vat
tekmar 360E Weather Compensator (Kanmor)
£ 510.00+vat
tekmar 501x Room Thermostat (Kanmor)
£ 33.00+vat

tekmar Stats & Controls

Kanmor is a leading manufacturer of thermostats and controls for HVAC and underfloor heating systems. What makes Kanmor stand out as a thermostat manufacturer is that they provide a range of high-end thermostats that give you superior control and comfortable heating from your underfloor heating system.


Kanmor Thermostats at Underfloor Store

Here at Underfloor Store, we are happy to be a major supplier of Kanmor thermostats and controls which can be incorporated into your underfloor heating system. At Underfloor Store, we have weather compensators, digital thermostats, programmable room thermostats, wall sensors and more, available at great prices. With just one or more of these Kanmor controls, you can greatly improve the efficiency of your underfloor heating system.

Kanmor Weather Compensators

Do you experience large amounts of heat loss on cold days and find yourself turning your heating up high? With Kanmor weather compensators, you can always have comfortable heating within your home.

Kanmor weather compensators work by being the link between your underfloor heating system and the outside temperature. Heat gets lost through the windows and walls of our homes and how much heat we lose depends on how efficient our home is, in addition to the outside temperature. With a Kanmor weather compensator installed, the device can detect the weather outside and send the information to your underfloor heating system. Your underfloor heating system can then adjust the temperature accordingly to match the level of heat loss caused by the cold temperatures, so you will never have a cold home again. These weather compensators are only suitable for wet underfloor heating systems as they need to be connected to a boiler. Additionally, weather compensators can effectively control your hot water systems.


Kanmor Electric Room Thermostat

The Kanmor 510e Electronic Programmable Room Thermostat was designed for convenience and to improve the energy efficiency of your home. With this Kanmor thermostat, you can set your underfloor heating system to turn on at times that are convenient to you. To ensure that your underfloor heating system can accurately measure the energy it needs to use, this thermostat can be connected to the Kanmor 084 Wall Sensor and the Kanmor 079e Slab Sensor for superior temperature detection.

These Kanmor thermostats feature large screen displays and easy to use buttons, making them user-friendly.

All Kanmor thermostats are 24v thermostats.


Kanmor has a fantastic range of thermostats and controls that can be combined to ensure that you have the ultimate energy-efficient heating system. If you need any assistance in choosing the best combination for your heating system, then Underfloor Store is here to help.