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Electric Underfloor Heating for Tiled Floors

Electric underfloor heating is becoming more and more popular for both new builds and retro installations. One of the main benefits of electric underfloor heating is the space created with the removal of radiators that take up room, can leave you restricted in planning the layout and are generally inefficient in comparison to underfloor heating by evenly spreading heat across your living space.

Electric underfloor heating consists of a network of wires and cables placed beneath your floor. If you want to enjoy the warmth without intrusive wires or a space-consuming system to heat your space, an underneath-floor electric heating system is the best choice.

At Underfloor Store, sell all products including, heating cables, heating mats, thermostats, and complete accessories required for installing a full-fledged and efficient electric heating system for tiled floors at affordable prices.  If you are looking to upgrade your existing heating system or install a new one for your residential or commercial space, you'll undoubtedly discover the best brands and industry-leading solutions for electric underfloor heating for tiled flooring at Underfloor Store.

Why use Electric Underfloor Heating for Tiled Floors?

Coupled with the benefits as mentioned above, compared with a wet-based underfloor heating system electric is easier to install for both homeowners and installers.  The electric heating system installs in minutes with its self-adhesive membrane that attaches to the subfloor. The cable is suitable for standard and low-wattage projects.

Each of the electric underfloor heating products listed with Underfloor Store are  CE, UKCA and others marked meaning they meet the highest safety standards ensuring peace of mind with your purchase.

While there are many alternatives for underfloor heating, electric underfloor heating has its own distinct advantage as discussed below:

Reasons to choose electric underfloor heating for tiled floors:

  • ● Reduced installation costs
  • ● Quick and easy to install
  • ● Compatible with all types of tiles
  • ● Use as a primary or secondary heating source
  • ● Rapid warming up of entire space and easy control of temperature with a thermostat
  • ● Work alongside a wet underfloor heating system
  • ● Spreads the heat out evenly

Along with products such as Warmup DCM-PRO Cable, Warmup StickyMat and the SunStone Heating Mat. Underfloor Store list a range of thermostats to control your electric underfloor heating such as the 6IE from Warmup and the Heatmiser neoStat-e.

To further explore our extensive product line, click Underfloor Store.  Choose and add to your cart the best and high-quality electric heating systems for your tiled floor on this page or call our experts at 03301232231 for advice/queries.