Underfloor Heating Kits

Our underfloor heating kits are designed to include all of the crucial elements you need for an underfloor heating project. We have kits that range from 1m² area covered to 12m².

There are many companies out there which mix and match different manufacturer components in underfloor heating kits, however at Underfloor Store we believe in having kits which are built to work together.

Our underfloor heating kits have everything you need for a basic underfloor heating system, however there are multiple variables to consider and if you are planning on creating a bespoke underfloor heating system then you might need to consider purchasing additional products.

All of the materials are reliable, high quality and easy to use, they can make a professional job look simple. Every product that we sell is extremely efficient and will be a great addition to any room, they will allow any room to be evenly heated throughout.

Over the last few years underfloor heating has become an increasingly popular method of heating a room. The main advantage of using underfloor heating over a conventional central heating system is that it will spread the heat out evenly throughout the room opposed to a radiator which would create cold and hotspots.

All of the underfloor heating kits that we sell are highly efficient and a great addition to any room in the house, our products range in price based on what size area you wish to cover.