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Uponor is a great manufacturer of thermostats that integrate seamlessly with any underfloor heating system. One of the best products stocked by Uponor is the Uponor Smatrix; these thermostats are elegant, slim and combine modern design with advanced technology to deliver the ultimate thermostat. Additionally, here at Underfloor Store, we stock a range of 230v Thermostats manufactured from Uponor. 

Uponor Smatrix at Underfloor Store

One of our most popular selling thermostats is the Smatrix range from Uponor. The Smatrix Thermostats are available in wired and wireless styles. These thermostats continuously monitor the temperature of the room and adjust the temperature accordingly. Instead of wasting heating energy on a room that is already at the optimum temperature, these thermostats will switch off the underfloor heating system, providing maximum comfort and high energy efficiency. Additionally, these thermostats are stylish and can integrate into your home discreetly.

With these thermostats, you can control individual room temperatures on the go using your mobile phone with the Uponor app.

By installing an Uponor Smatrix thermostat system, you will get access to great benefits including:

  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Thermostats that are controlled via one touchpoint
  • Temperature control from the convenience of your sofa through the app
  • Energy savings of up to 20% due to the innovative auto balancing technology
  • A thermostat that is compatible with all building types
  • A thermostat that monitors changes in your underfloor heating system and energy usage
  • Individual customisation

230v Thermostats

This wired low voltage thermostat is a great alternative to the Uponor Smatrix. These thermostats offer the convenience of plug and play, meaning that you can have a connection of up to 6 different room thermostats and up to 14 thermal actuators; these thermostats are ideal for wet underfloor heating systems. 

Only a few components are required to make this thermostat work which ensures that you’ll have a neat installation within your home with very few wires seen. Additionally, these Uponor thermostats can come with the option to have a pump module available. 

You can rely on Uponor to effectively monitor your underfloor heating system whilst lowering your energy usage. Underfloor Store can help you decide which Uponor thermostat is right for your underfloor heating system.