The Smatrix range by Uponor is a customer favourite, available in both wired and wireless models. These thermostats intelligently monitor room temperatures and make automatic adjustments for optimal comfort. They prevent energy waste by turning off the heating when the room reaches the desired temperature, ensuring both comfort and energy efficiency. Their elegant design allows them to blend seamlessly into any home decor.

Control your home’s temperature remotely with the Uponor app, which lets you manage individual room settings from anywhere.

Installing the Uponor Smatrix thermostat system offers numerous advantages:

  • Simple Installation and Upkeep: Designed for ease of use and maintenance.
  • One-Touch Control: Manage your thermostat with a single touchpoint.
  • Remote Temperature Management: Adjust settings comfortably via the app.
  • Up to 20% Energy Savings: Benefit from auto-balancing technology for efficient heating.
  • Universal Compatibility: Suitable for all types of buildings.
  • Proactive Monitoring: Keeps track of your heating system’s performance and energy consumption.
  • Personalized Settings: Customize your heating preferences for each room.

230v Thermostats: A Versatile Alternative

Uponor’s 230v low voltage thermostats provide a practical plug-and-play solution, supporting connections for up to 6 room thermostats and 14 thermal actuators, making them ideal for wet underfloor heating systems. Their minimal component requirement ensures a tidy installation with limited visible wiring. Some models also offer an optional pump module for added convenience.

Trust Uponor for reliable monitoring and energy-efficient management of your underfloor heating. Let Underfloor Store guide you to the perfect Uponor thermostat for your system, ensuring optimal performance and comfort in your home.