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Pre-Insulated Pipe

Pre-insulated pipes are the perfect solution for heating water. These pipes can be used in wet underfloor heating systems, in addition to heating supply networks in a range of domestic, commercial and industrial building types. They are the preferred solution to supply heat from the boiler room directly into the building. Additionally, the pre-insulated pipes can easily connect to the manifold of your wet underfloor heating system, ensuring that you can easily have hot water.


Pre-Insulated Pipes at Underfloor Store

Here at Underfloor Store, we have a fantastic range of pre-insulated pipes and accessories, all stocked from Uponor. You can find:

These pre-insulated pipes can be incorporated into a range of wet underfloor heating systems. To ensure that each system has the pre-insulated pipes that it needs, we stock a large range of sizes for all Uponor pre-insulated pipes.


Pre-Insulated Pipes for the Best System Design

Uponor pre-insulated pipes are easy to install, can prevent mix flow of water within your wet underfloor heating system and can greatly decrease your heat losses. Each Uponor pre-insulated pipe has been created for ideal situations:

  • The Ecoflex Thermo pre-insulated pipes are perfect for shorter pipe lengths and connections that need easy handling and flexibility
  • The Ecoflex Thermo Pro is the perfect choice for excellent heat loss performance
  • The Ecoflex Quattro pipes are the ideal solutions for hot water and heating connections within a home


Underfloor Store is here to help you have the optimal wet underfloor heating system with our range of Uponor pre-insulated pipes.