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Wet Underfloor Heating Manifolds

Wet underfloor heating manifolds are the heart of any water-based underfloor heating system. Wet underfloor heating systems compromise of a series of pipework that send hot water throughout the heating system which heats the room above. The pipework can be laid in various patterns which form circuits; a single circuit can be used for each room which is referred to as a zone. Each zone will then connect to its own wet underfloor heating manifold.

Manifolds are important because they connect the underfloor heating circuits to the heat source which can be a boiler, heat pump or other heat sources that you may have. The manifolds are responsible for circulating the water from the boiler to the pipes whilst controlling the pressure, flow rates and the temperature. Manifolds can control multiple circuits within a zone and are the source responsible for warming different rooms to different temperatures at different times, which can be controlled using a thermostat. Each manifold can support up to 120 metres of pipes per each circuit, therefore, they are suitable for large underfloor heating systems across a big floor space.  

Temperature Control with a Manifold

The heat source supplies water to the manifold which can be guaranteed to produce a temperature between 20 and 60 degrees Celsius to the pipework via the mixing unit in the manifold. Not only does the manifold supply hot water to the pipes, but it also stops water from the pipes going back into the heat source. When your wet underfloor heating system is switched off, the water left in the pipework cools down. The mixing unit in the manifold mixes the cold water with heat from the heat source to provide you with an optimum temperature that suits you. If you don’t require a thermostat, your ideal temperature can be set by the installer during installation and will be calculated from your heat loss, floor construction, heat outputs and other variables to ensure you always have the optimum temperature.

Manifolds at Underfloor Store 

Here at Underfloor Store, we stock a range of wet underfloor heating manifolds for any water-based underfloor heating system. Our manifolds come from reputable brands such as Polypipe, Warmus and Uponor and are available in 2-12 ports dependent on your requirements. We also stock an extensive range of spares and repairs should you ever need any replacement parts for your underfloor heating system. 

Parts of a Manifold

A wet underfloor heating manifold is an essential part of a wet underfloor heating system. The manifold comes with many components that accumulate together to provide its superior function. The manifold consists of:

  • Actuator Valves
  • Adjustable Balancing Valves
  • Blanking Plate
  • Drain and Fill Bibcock
  • Flow Meters
  • Limit Thermostat
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Return Bypass

Underfloor Stores stocks a range of these parts separately if you ever need any replacements. 

Choosing the Right Manifold

If you have a wet underfloor heating system or are looking to get one installed, then you’re going to need a wet underfloor heating manifold that integrates with your heating system. Which manifold(s) you need will be dependent on the size of your system and how many circuits and zones you have. Underfloor Store is here to help provide you with the right manifold for your water based underfloor heating system as it’s important that you have the right manifolds installed. If you’re unsure which manifold is best for you, then all you need to do is ask by getting in touch.