Underfloor Heating Manifolds

Find the perfect wet underfloor heating manifold for your system.Control water flow, temperature, and pressure for optimal comfort. Wet underfloor heating manifolds are the heart of your water-based underfloor heating system. They control water flow, temperature, and pressure to deliver consistent, radiant warmth throughout your home.

Precise Temperature Control with Wet Underfloor Heating Manifolds

Manifolds fine-tune your underfloor heating temperature using mixing valves. These valves combine hot water from the boiler with cooler return water, achieving your ideal warmth. For even greater control, pair them with thermostats to create customized comfort zones.

Manifolds at Underfloor Store:

We offer a wide selection of wet underfloor heating manifolds from top brands like Uponor, Warmup, and IVAR. With 2-12 port configurations, you'll find the perfect manifold to match your system's size and complexity.

Wet underfloor heating manifolds include these key components:

Actuator Valves: Control water flow to individual zones.

Adjustable Balancing Valves: Optimize temperature by fine-tuning water flow.

Blanking Plate: Seals unused ports.

Drain and Fill Bibcock: Enables easy system maintenance.

Flow Meters: Monitor water flow in each zone.

Limit Thermostat: Safeguards against overheating.

Pressure Gauge: Tracks system pressure for ideal performance.

Return Bypass: Maintains circulation when some zones are off.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size manifold do I need for my home? The number of ports needed (2-12) depends on the size of your home and the number of heating zones.

Where is the best place to install the manifold? Consider a central location for maximum efficiency and minimal pressure drops.

Will I need more than one manifold? Larger homes or those with multiple levels may require more than one manifold for optimal heating control.

Do you supply Underfloor Heating Spares? Yes, we offer a range of spares for various underfloor heating manifolds.

Upgrade your underfloor heating with the perfect manifold. Explore our selection at Underfloor Store today!