Danfoss 087N7884 TS710-v2 Single Channel Time Clock
£ 53.95 inc vat
Heatmiser TM4 v2 230v Touchscreen Time Clock four Channel
£ 58.98 inc vat

Time Clocks

There is a variety of thermostats styles including time clocks. Time clocks are effective because they enable you to view the times at which your underfloor heating systems turn on and off, allowing you to adjust your system accordingly. As it displays the time, it can also replace a wall-mounted clock and act as a multi-functional device without interfering with the décor of your home.


Time Clocks at Underfloor Store

Time clocks are a brilliant thermostat for any underfloor heating system. Here at Underfloor Store, we stock the Danfoss TS715 Single Channel Time Clock, in addition to four different models by Heatmiser; both of which are reputable brands of thermostats. Our time clocks range from £36.30 plus VAT to £55.55 plus VAT, making them a great first thermostat for your underfloor heating system.


Advantages of Time Clocks

Sometimes, a simple thermostat is best, especially when you only have one room in your home that has an underfloor heating system installed. With time clocks, there is no difficulty with trying to programme your underfloor heating system as they are easy to use; you simply choose the time as you would with a watch or a clock and program when to turn the heating system on or off.

The temperature is easy to set with simple and clear buttons, with some of the time clocks available at Underfloor Store featuring touchscreens. The time clocks will detect how long it takes to reach the set temperature, therefore, it will turn on in advance to ensure that your system is the right temperature for the time that you set.

Time clocks help you to avoid wasting unnecessary energy and achieve savings on your heating bills.


We have single channel and four channel time clocks available. Get in touch with Underfloor Store if you need assistance in choosing the best time clock for your underfloor heating system.