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Thermostats & Controls

Underfloor Store offers a comprehensive range of thermostats that give a complete choice of design, functionality and style. From easy to use dial thermostats to programmable, wired, wireless and internet-based controls, there is a thermostat available for all kinds of underfloor heating systems and individual needs.

Thermostats and Controls from Underfloor Store

Creating the perfect levels of comfort is the most important part of any underfloor heating system. By using the right controls and taking care to zone the property correctly, Underfloor Store can create perfectly balanced systems that maintain temperature levels where and when required. Long gone are the days of inefficiently heating properties using a single thermostat in the hallway.

Dial Thermostats

If you’re looking for a simple way to control your underfloor heating system or only have one zone, then a dial thermostat is the one for you. They are compatible with both electric and water-based underfloor heating systems for a straightforward thermostat. There is no setup programme required, simply dial the thermostat to the temperature you desire at the time for immediate temperature regulation. The dial thermostats at Underfloor Store can come with a built-in clock and are supplied from Danfoss, Heatmiser and Uponor

Internet Based Controls

Are you looking for the most superior way to control your underfloor heating system and want to benefit from reduced energy bills? Smart thermostats or internet-based controls allow you to control your underfloor heating system from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. You can download the thermostat app onto your phone or tablet and control the temperature and startup times to suit your needs; allowing you to warmed up your home before you’ve even stepped through the door. These smart thermostats can also turn your heating off when it’s no longer required, saving you money on your energy bills. The internet-based controls available at Underfloor Store are supplied from the renowned Heatmiser neo range. 

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats allow you to control individual time and temperature for each zone within your property. These thermostats are great for energy saving and for those of you with a routine. You can programme the turn on times for each room in addition to when it turns off and what temperature you desire. Programmable thermostats aid in lowering energy bills as they can be set to turn off when the desired temperature is reached, thus avoiding wasted heating energy. Underfloor Store stock a great range of programmable thermostats from Uponor, Heatmiser, Danfoss and Kanmor.

Tamperproof Thermostats

The tamperproof range of thermostats are a great solution for commercial buildings such as schools, hospitals, museums and churches. It allows you to control the underfloor heating system in the building without any of the public being able to access the thermostat. Underfloor Store stock a variety of different tamperproof thermostats.

Whether it’s a smart, programmable or dial thermostat, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from. Our great range of thermostats are available in wired, wireless, battery operated, tamperproof and touchscreen variations, allowing you to get the perfect thermostat to match your lifestyle. If you require any assistance in buying the correct thermostat for you please feel free to contact Underfloor Store today.