Wet Underfloor Heating

Screeded Floor Packs

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Installing wet underfloor heating on a solid floor construction is the favoured and simplest method. Wet Underfloor heating pipes are secured by a floor panel, staples or clips rails. Once the pipe work has been fitted and tested screed is then poured over the pipe and insulation.


Timber Floor Packs

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Installing wet underfloor heating on a suspended timber floor can be carried out in a number of ways. Aluminum spreader plates with grooves to accommodate the pipework are fixed to joists via screws or nails.

Foil boards that have been designed to combine the idea of spreader plate and insulation in one alsos have grooves to hold the pipe with an aluminum foil placed over the top to spread the heat generated over an even area.


Underfloor Heating Accessories

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Underfloor Store stock a wide range of wet underfloor heating accessories to help get the most from your wet underfloor heating. From Manifolds to couplings and thermostats we have you covered. We also offer a wide range of underfloor heating packs to suit all your needs.


Installing an underfloor heating system has become a very popular choice amongst builders, the main reason is simply because it allows for better temperature control on a room by room basis. As the heat generated from underfloor heating systems is radiant moisture levels and drafts are reduced.

Wet underfloor heating systems are becoming a popular choice for newly built properties, as it can be directly fed from your boiler via a manifold and then circulates the warm water around the room.

Typically a water underfloor heating system will be installed underneath stone or tiled floors, however it is entirely possible to have it underneath a carpet but a general rule of thumb would be to not have a tog greater than 2.5 as it might restrict how much heat gets through.

There are many options which have to be taken into account when considering which wet underfloor heating system you should purchase. The main factor to consider is what subfloor type and finished flooring you have chosen for the room.

Our range of wet underfloor heating packs accommodate for a variety of different subfloor types and flooring.

Whilst typically a wet underfloor heating system will be installed in a new build, they can in fact be retro-fitted without too much increase in the floor height. Water underfloor heating systems are also typically inexpensive to install and run.