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Wet Underfloor Heating

What is Wet Underfloor Heating?


Wet underfloor heating is an underfloor heating system that heats a room from the bottom up through a series of pipes. The series of pipes are connected via a manifold to any heat source such as a boiler, heat pump or solar thermal energy. The water is heated up via the heat source and circulates throughout the floor to heat the space available above.

Wet underfloor heating systems are becoming more and popular, especially amongst builders for newly built properties. This is because wet underfloor heating systems provide radiant, even temperatures throughout a room. As the heat is more evenly distributed with underfloor heating compared to radiators, the water can be set at a lower temperature; this makes it a more efficient way to heat your home.


Benefits to Wet Underfloor Heating

Wet underfloor heating is a popular choice amongst builders and new build homes because:

  • It provides radiant, even temperatures throughout a room.
  • Wet underfloor heating is efficient. Due to its efficiency at lower temperatures, it’s a lot cheaper to run than traditional heating methods which reduces heating bills and lowers your carbon footprint.
  • You can get superior flexibility. Here at Underfloor Store, we have a range of thermostats that are perfect for wet underfloor heating systems. You can have a different thermostat attached to each zone, therefore, you can have a different temperature setting for each room of your home.
  • Wet underfloor heating reduces drafts and moisture build up in the air.
  • You get more space available as there is no need for bulky radiators to be in the room. This, in turn, helps to improve the décor of your home.
  • Wet underfloor heating systems are safer, especially in homes with pets and children as the underfloor heating system is not ho to the touch.
  • Underfloor heating is also more hygienic as there isn’t a build up of dust around radiators and it can reduce the chance of dust mites in the home by 80%.


Is Wet Underfloor Heating Suitable For You?

Typically, wet underfloor heating systems are installed underneath stone or tiled floors. However, it is also possible to have it installed underneath carpet, but you need to have a tog of no greater than 2.5 as any greater will restrict the amount of heat that can pass through. Therefore, wet underfloor heating is usually installed with new builds or refurbishments, however, a system can be retrofitted into your existing home depending on your flooring and sub-flooring type.

Here at Underfloor Store, we have a variety of different packs and systems that can accommodate a variety of different floors and sub-floors to ensure that everyone can enjoy a wet underfloor heating system.

We have a range of wet underfloor heating systems that are low-profile. These are best in existing homes if you don’t want to increase the height of your floor too much. Water underfloor heating systems are also typically inexpensive to run.