Uponor Ecoflex Quattro Rubber End-Cap
£ 54.85 inc vat
Uponor Ecoflex Single Rubber End-Cap
From £ 22.68 inc vat
Uponor Ecoflex Thermo HP Rubber End-Cap
From £ 42.43 inc vat
Uponor Ecoflex Twin Rubber End-Cap
From £ 51.04 inc vat

Uponor Ecoflex End Caps

Got pre-insulated pipes in your wet underfloor heating system? To maximise the efficiency of your pre-insulated pipes and consequently your wet underfloor heating system, you should get end caps installed on each pre-insulated pipe that is present.


What are Uponor Ecoflex End Caps?

Uponor Ecoflex end caps are the perfect fit for any pre-insulated pipe manufactured by Uponor. The end caps are made from rubber and are designed to be installed at cut pipe ends, but they can also be used to partition components of a wet underfloor heating system. They should be installed on all pre-insulated pipes to protect the pipe element against moisture, dirt and damage. Once you purchase Uponor Ecoflex end caps, the installation is easy; simply pull them over the ends of the pipes where they are held in place by a clamping ring.


Uponor Ecoflex End Caps at Underfloor Store

Here at Underfloor Store, we are a major supplier of Uponor products for underfloor heating systems, including a range of Uponor Ecoflex end caps. These end caps are available in a selection of styles:

Which set you should purchase would depend on the pre-insulated pipes that are installed within your wet underfloor heating system.

All the Uponor Ecoflex end cap sets come with the rubber end cap, stainless steel clamping ring and a sealing ring; everything you need to get your end cap installed on your pre-insulated pipes with ease.


If you want the pre-insulated pipes in your underfloor heating system to last as long as possible, then you should install some rubber end caps. Underfloor Store is here to ensure that you get the best possible end caps for your Uponor pre-insulated pipes.