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Heatmiser E-Touch Electric Heating Thermostat
£ 48.33+vat
Heatmiser TM4 230v Touchscreen Time Clock four Channel
£ 52.00+vat
Heatmiser Touch 230v Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat
£ 45.00+vat
Heatmiser Touch Carbon
£ 45.00+vat
Heatmiser Touch-e Carbon
£ 48.33+vat

Touchscreen Thermostats

Touchscreen Thermostats at Underfloor Store

Here at Underfloor Store, we have touchscreen thermostats available supplied from Heatmiser. If you have an existing thermostat that is powered through your existing mains, then a touchscreen thermostat is the perfect upgrade. The Heatmiser touchscreen thermostats make interacting with your underfloor heating system easy and are compatible with the Heatmiser Wireless Air Sensor and Window Switch


Features of Heatmiser Touchscreen Thermostats

Touchscreen is a great modern feature and it makes controlling your underfloor heating system simple. The Heatmiser Touch 230v Programmable Thermostat is perfect for wet underfloor heating systems, whereas the Heatmiser Touch-E Thermostat is compatible with electric underfloor heating systems. They both offer a variety of great features which makes them leaders in the touchscreen thermostat range:

  • System Compatibility – The Heatmiser Touch series is compatible with a range of energy providing systems such as solar, heat pumps and most boiler technologies.
  • Self-Learning Pre-Heat – The Heatmiser Touch series provides an optimum start as the thermostats learn how long it takes to reach your desired temperature and will, therefore, start at the appropriate time.
  • Network Facility – Modbus connectivity allows the touch thermostats to be used in a BMS (building management system).
  • Temperature Hold Facility – On all the Heatmiser Touch series thermostats, there is a temperature hold facility. This means that a desired temperature can be set for a certain period and when that time has expired, the thermostat will return to its original program. The Touch thermostats can be set between 5°C and 35°C.
  • Key Locking – This feature is integrated into all Heatmiser Touch thermostats and is a great way to stop people from tampering with the thermostat – good for commercial buildings such as schools and hospitals.
  • Flexible Programming – To cater around your work life when you’re not at home, to save energy, the Heatmiser Touch series features flexible programming. They can be set to work in 5/2 day and 7 day programming.
  • Backlight Display – The Heatmiser touchscreen thermostats features a gentle backlight display when powered on, allowing you to easily see whether the thermostat is switched on or off.
  • Holiday Function – For those of you that have a second home or away for long periods of time, the Touch series can be set to holiday mode which reduces energy wastage but protects your home from frost damage.

Touchscreen thermostats can make a great addition to many underfloor heating systems; if you need any assistance in choosing the right model for you, simply ask us at Underfloor Store.