Heatmiser RF Switch Two Channel Receiver
£ 35.20+vat
Heatmiser Boost - Neo & RF Series Repeater
£ 41.25+vat
Heatmiser Multi Mode Slimline RF Wireless Thermostat
£ 45.10+vat
Heatmiser neoAir Thermostat
From £ 54.00+vat
Heatmiser NeoKit Air Gen 2 Wireless Homekit Enabled
From £ 194.67+vat
Heatmiser Touch-RF Multi Mode Touch Screen Wireless Thermostat
£ 49.64+vat

Wireless Thermostats

Come and browse our wide range of wireless thermostats that will make climate control a walk in the park. A wireless thermostat will provide you with a lot more control over the heating in your house.These devices work by detecting the air temperature of a room and if it falls below a set amount then the heating will be turned on.

All of our wireless heating thermostats come from large and reputable manufacturers.