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Heatmiser Metal Single Gang Back Box
£ 1.06+vat
Heatmiser Dry Lining Easy Fix Box
£ 1.06+vat
Heatmiser Wall Plate for the Heatmiser neoStat
£ 1.51+vat
Heatmiser Sensor Box
£ 6.88+vat
Heatmiser Remote Sensor Probe - 3M
£ 7.35+vat
Heatmiser neoAir Stand
£ 7.59+vat
Heatmiser EA1 - Extended Aerial
£ 10.74+vat
Heatmiser Wireless Window/Door Switch
£ 16.50+vat
Heatmiser DS1 V2 Thermostat
£ 16.64+vat
Heatmiser DS1-L Dial Type Thermostat
£ 20.49+vat
Heatmiser Wireless Air Sensor
£ 20.65+vat
Heatmiser Thimble Sensor
From £ 24.75+vat
Heatmiser UH2
£ 30.00+vat
BULK BUY Heatmiser Slimline Thermostat v3
£ 31.25+vat
Heatmiser DS-SB 230V Set Back Thermostat
£ 32.04+vat
Heatmiser neoPlug
£ 33.75+vat
BULK BUY Heatmiser UH4 4 Zone 230v Wiring Centre
£ 34.58+vat
Heatmiser Slimline 230v Programmable Digital Thermostat v3
£ 35.00+vat
Heatmiser RF Switch Two Channel Receiver
£ 35.20+vat
Heatmiser Slimline E Kit Bundle Thermostat - Only for sale with an electric kit
£ 38.00+vat
Heatmiser UH4 4 Zone 230v Wiring Centre
£ 38.00+vat
BULK BUY Heatmiser UH8 230v Wiring Centre
£ 39.58+vat
Heatmiser Multi Mode Slimline RF Wireless Thermostat
£ 40.00+vat
Heatmiser Slimline-N 12v Programmable Digital Thermostat
£ 27.00+vat
Heatmiser Slimline-e V2 Electric Floor Heating Thermostat
£ 40.00+vat
Heatmiser Slimline-B Battery Programmable Thermostat
£ 41.04+vat
Heatmiser Boost - Neo & RF Series Repeater
£ 41.25+vat
Heatmiser UH8 8 Zone 230v Wiring Centre
£ 42.00+vat
BULK BUY neoStat v2 Programmable Digital Thermostat White
£ 42.50+vat
Heatmiser edge-e - Modbus Multi Mode Electric Floor Heating Thermostat
£ 42.50+vat
Edge - Modbus Multi Mode Programmable Room Thermostat
£ 43.86+vat
Heatmiser neoStat v2 Programmable Digital Thermostat
From £ 45.00+vat
Heatmiser Touch 230v Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat
£ 45.00+vat
Heatmiser Touch Carbon
£ 45.00+vat
Heatmiser Touch-e Carbon
£ 48.33+vat
Heatmiser neoAir v2-M Wireless Smart Thermostat
From £ 49.50+vat
Heatmiser neoStat E Electric Floor Heating Thermostat
From £ 53.00+vat
Heatmiser neoStat-HW 230v Hot Water Programmer
From £ 54.00+vat
Heatmiser neoStat 12v - Programmable Thermostat V2
From £ 54.00+vat
Heatmiser TM4 230v Touchscreen Time Clock four Channel
£ 55.55+vat
Heatmise E-Touch Electric Heating Thermostat
£ 67.79+vat
Heatmiser 8 Zone Wireless Control Box UH8-RF
£ 82.00+vat
Heatmiser UH8-N - 8 Zone 12v Wiring Centre
£ 82.00+vat
Heatmiser UH1
£ 82.00+vat
HomeKit-Enabled Heatmiser neoHub Gen 2
£ 90.00+vat
Heatmiser neoUltra
From £ 120.00+vat
Heatmiser NeoKit 1 Heating Only Gen 2 HomeKit Enabled
From £ 172.46+vat
Heatmiser neoKit-E Gen 2 HomeKit-Enabled
From £ 176.40+vat
Heatmiser NeoKit Air Gen 2 Wireless Homekit Enabled
From £ 202.78+vat
Heatmiser neoKit 2 Gen 2 Heating & Hot Water HomeKit-Enabled
From £ 225.23+vat