Uponor 1002381 Manifold Flow Meter
£ 11.83+vat
Uponor 1002015 3-Port Mixing valve 1"r Kv8
£ 63.23+vat
Uponor 1002278 1" Brackets Fo FM Manifold(Pair)
£ 9.06+vat
Uponor 1002318 SPI Actuator Valve for FM/FR Manifolds
£ 15.00+vat
£ 178.26+vat
Uponor 1002372 Actuator Pin Valve
£ 11.83+vat
Uponor 1002373 SPI V4 Thermostatic Valve Body
£ 32.42+vat
Uponor 1002375 SPI V4 Thermostatic Head & Sensor
£ 103.76+vat
Uponor 1012991 Flow Meter For MF Manifold
£ 27.15+vat
Uponor 1047457 Wired 230V Digital Dial Thermostat
£ 27.87+vat
Uponor 1058387 Wired dial thermostat T-37
£ 28.96+vat
Uponor Radio Controller+Interface C-56+I-76 W
£ 297.16+vat
Uponor Wired 12 channel controller C-35
£ P.O.A+vat
Uponor Wired digital timer I-36 - C-35
£ 58.00+vat
Uponor Wired public Thermostat T-33
£ 28.00+vat
Uppnor 1013004 SPI Topmeter For Uponor FM Manifold
£ 9.19+vat

Uponor Spares

Feel free to browse through our wide range of uponor spares, we have everything from actuator valves to uponor thermostats which are fully programmable.

All Uponor products are made with the highest quality materials that will last the test of time. 

If you are not specifically looking for Uponor spares then why not check out our range of underfloor heating spares.