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Uponor Spares

If you require Uponor spares for your underfloor heating system then here at Underfloor Store we’ve got the products for you. Our range of Uponor spares includes:

  • Uponor Manifold Spares
  • Uponor UNIset Spares
  • Uponor Velta Compact Spares
  • Uponor Vario Plus (Velta plus) Spares

All Uponor products are made with the highest quality materials that will stand the test of time.


About Uponor

Uponor supplies solutions for a range of applications, including plumbing, radiant heating and cooling, local heat distribution and infrastructure. So whether you’re a home owner, developer, installer, architect or consultant, Uponor is your reliable partner when it comes to plumbing and heating systems, including underfloor heating.

Uponor are able to supply the complete underfloor system from supply lines, manifolds, and pipe systems through to heating controls. Their product range also includes all pipe fittings, accessories and tools required to install a complete underfloor heating system.


Underfloor Heating Spare at Underfloor Store

However, if you’re not specifically looking for Uponor spares then why not browse our extensive range of underfloor heating spares from a range of industry leading brands. We stock everything you’ll ever need to install an underfloor heating system.