Uponor Plasson Coupling
From £ 10.54 inc vat
Uponor Wipex 90° Bend
From £ 24.62 inc vat
Uponor Wipex Coupling PN10
From £ 28.85 inc vat
Uponor Wipex coupling PN6
From £ 27.44 inc vat
Uponor Wipex Joint
From £ 16.62 inc vat
Uponor Wipex T-Piece
From £ 28.88 inc vat
Wipex Jointing Equal PN10
From £ 38.66 inc vat
Wipex Jointing Equal PN6
From £ 39.05 inc vat

Uponor Ecoflex Couplings

Uponor has a wide range of Ecoflex couplings which are designed to connect components of an underfloor heating system together.


Uponor Ecoflex Couplings at Underfloor Store

The Uponor Ecoflex couplings at Underfloor Store are designed to connect lengths of pipes, in addition to other components within a wet underfloor heating system. Depending on where you want to connect the pipes, a different shaped coupling will be used. The couplings we have available are suitable for the following Uponor products:

  • Aqua Single
  • Aqua Twin
  • Thermo Single
  • Thermo Twin
  • Thermo Mini
  • Quattro Pro Pre-Insulated Pipe
  • Thermo Pro Pre-Insulated Pipe

As the couplings will be used in a water based underfloor heating system, they need to be water-resistant, ensuring they don’t rust. All the screws are manufactured using stainless steel and the fittings plus clamps are made of corrosion-resistant brass.


Uponor Wipex Couplings

Here at Underfloor Store, we have many Wipex couplings available that are suitable for different connections:


Replacement Couplings

If you purchase an Uponor wet underfloor heating system from Underfloor Store, you will get all the couplings that you need to join the components of your system together. However, if you extend your underfloor heating system, lose any couplings or if some become damaged, then you can order your replacement Uponor Ecoflex couplings from Underfloor Store.


You must get the right couplings for your wet underfloor heating system. If you’re unsure what couplings you need, then the friendly team at Underfloor Store is here to ensure that you get the couplings needed for your specific wet underfloor heating system.