Siemens RAA11 Tamperproof Thermostat
£ 19.98 inc vat
Siemens RAA21 Dial Thermostat
£ 15.90 inc vat
tekmar 501x Room Thermostat (Kanmor)
£ 39.60 inc vat

24v Thermostats

24V Thermostats at Underfloor Store

Here at Underfloor Store, we have a range of 24V Thermostats that are supplied from Danfoss and Kanmor. Our selection of 24V Thermostats includes Tamperproof, Programmable and Electronic Controllers for your underfloor heating system. These thermostats can simply be used to control your underfloor heating system or can be used for cooling systems too.


Kanmor 24V Thermostats

The Kanmor 24V Thermostats are in a league of their own and we’re very happy to supply them at Underfloor Store. The Kanmor thermostat range is designed to be compatible with heating systems such as underfloor heating systems in addition to being compatible with cooling systems. They feature two auxiliary sensor inputs for air and slab control. These 24V Thermostats have been designed to be user-friendly as they feature a large display and easy to use buttons. Additionally, these Kanmor 24V thermostats increase the energy efficiency of your home, reducing energy bills. You can also find features such as:

  • Programmable 4 Switching Periods
  • Backlight
  • Optional Remote Floor Sensing
  • Optional Remote Air Sensing
  • Early Start from Setback


Danfoss 24V Thermostats

The Danfoss 24V Thermostats provide reliable temperature control for single room wet underfloor heating systems. All models have an accelerator heater to improve control accuracy. The Danfoss 24V Thermostats are available with a thermostat and night set-back facility, activated by an external time control. Other features include:

  • Easy to Read Scale
  • Locking and Limiting as Standard
  • Led Heat Status Indicators on Electronic Versions


Underfloor Store can provide assistance in helping you choose the right 24V Thermostat for your underfloor heating system.