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Underfloor Heating Pipe & Conduit

Underfloor Heating Pipe

Here at Underfloor Store, we supply a vast range of underfloor heating pipes from Uponor and Warmus – all available in varying lengths to suit the requirements of your underfloor heating system. 

Underfloor heating pipes are required for wet underfloor heating systems, or otherwise known as water-based underfloor heating systems. When installing a wet underfloor heating system, a series of pipes are installed underneath the floor and then hot water is then pumped around these pipes to heat the floor. This heat then rises and heats the floor as well as the room in which the underfloor heating is in.  

Our underfloor heating pipes are manufactured from cross-linked polyethylene to ensure the best performance for your underfloor heating system. 

As well as underfloor heating systems our pipes can also be used for general plumbing, radiator connection applications and distribution mains and risers, as well as being used for both hot and cold heating applications.  

Low Profile Underfloor Heating Pipe 

Here at Underfloor Store, we also stock a Warmus Low Profile Underfloor Pipe that is perfect for creating your low-profile underfloor heating system. The main benefit of using a low profile pipe for your underfloor heating system is that there will be less impact on the new floor height, when compared to other types of underfloor heating pipe. The Warmus Low Profile Underfloor Pipe is available in 3 lengths: 70m, 140m and 600m. 

Underfloor Heating Pipe Conduit 

We also supply a great range of underfloor heating pipe conduit from Uponor and Polypipe, both reputable brands when it comes to underfloor heating.  

What is Underfloor Heating Pipe Conduit? 

When there are multiple underfloor heating pipes together, a conduit can be used to group them together to stop there being an excessive amount of heat in one place. Conduits can also be used where there are pipes travelling from room to room and where water pipes are going through walls, as well as, as protection for the underfloor heating pipes