Cellecta XFLO 18mm Micro FF XPS Foiled Low Profile


Cellecta XFLO Micro FF Low Profile 18mm Insulation Boards

This is a  versatile underfloor heating system for new-build, retrofit projects, and off-plan underfloor heating projects thanks to its ultra-low 18mm floor build-up. it  significantly speeds up installation time, can be applied over an existing load-bearing floor and have a variety of floor finishes laid over the top. This lightweight, low-profile system is made up of 18mm thick, grooved insulation panels with a 100 micron foil sheet for added thermal diffusion. The multi-directional panel is made of high-density XPS and provides extremely high resistance to short and long-term compression.

For 12mm pipe at 150mm centres.

Each board is 1200x600mm covering 0.72m2.


Technical Specifications

Base MaterialXPS with 100micron foil sheet
Thermal Conductivity0.034 w/m°C
Panel Dimensions1200 x 600 x18mm (0.72m² )
Panel weight0.49kg
Min Compressive Strength400 kPa