IVAR 2-12 Port Brass Underfloor Heating Manifold


IVAR 2-12 Port Brass Underfloor Heating Manifold

Central to any underfloor heating kit is the IVAR underfloor heating Manifold. An underfloor heating manifold is a compact multi-port arrangement, which usually includes a series of thermostatically controlled Actuators, temperature gauges, a mixing valve, and a circulation pump. Balancing between circuits is achieved using the flow meters.

The IVAR underfloor heating manifold is used to control the flow of water through the underfloor heating system. Every single pipe in the system will be connected to the manifold thus making it possible to control the flow of the system in each room if required

Our underfloor heating Manifold is available with 2-12 ports and comes with a manual air vent. Spares are also available ranging from pin valves to flow meters on our IVAR Manifold Spares page.

Manifold details:

• Max operating temperature: 90oC
• Max operating pressure: 10 bar Flow Meter
• Adjustment range: 0÷5 l/min
• Precision: _ 10%
• Shutter: PA MXD6
• Seal: peroxide EPDM
• Lock ring: PPO and PS blend
• Indicator: PA 12
• Spindle: PSU
• Spyglass: transparent PA 12
• Cover: ABS/Materials
• Brass parts: CW617N
• Seal parts: peroxide EPDM
• Protecting caps: ABS Flow Meter
• Body: PPA

Technical Specifications

Length - Depth - Height
Manufactuers Code

2 Port UFH Manifold

172mm - 100mm - 330mm


3 Port UFH Manifold

222mm- 100mm - 330mm


4 Port UFH Manifold

272mm - 100mm - 330mm


5 Port UFH Manifold

322mm - 100mm - 330mm


6 Port UFH Manifold

372mm - 100mm - 330mm


7 Port UFH Manifold

422mm - 100mm - 330mm

8 Port UFH Manifold

472mm - 100mm - 330mm


9 Port UFH Manifold

522mm - 100mm - 330mm


10 Port UFH Manifold

572mm - 100mm - 330mm


11 Port UHF Manifold

622mm - 100mm - 330mm


12 Port UFH Manifold

672mm - 100mm - 330mm

Ball/Isolation Valves are not included.