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tekmar 360E Weather Compensator (Kanmor)

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tekmar 360 E Weather Compensator

The 360e Controller is a Weather compensation unit with a single variable temperature system. It is supplied complete with outdoor, boiler flow and mixed flow sensors. The mixing method utilises valves with a ‘floating’ action.

The Mixing Control 360e is designed to control the supply water temperature to a hydronic system in order to provide weather compensation or set point operation. The control uses a floating action mixing valve to regulate the supply water temperature while protecting the boiler against flue gas condensation. The control has a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) to view system status and operating information.

  • * User comfort adjustment to increase or decrease building space temperature
  • * Advanced settings to fine-tune building requirements
  • * Boiler Control for improved energy savings
  • * Powered mixing system pump output
  • * Mixing valve control output
  • * Optional indoor sensor for room air temperature control
  • * Test sequence to ensure the proper component operation
  • * Setback input for energy savings
  • * 230 V (ac) power supply
  • * CE Approved
  • Technical Specifications