tekmar 374 Weather Compensator (Kanmor)


tekmar  374e Weather Compensator

The tekmar  Weather Compensation Control 374E unit for three variable water temperature applications and Domestic Hot Water (DHW) controL is supplied complete with outdoor, boiler flow & mix flow sensors.

The tekmar  Weather Compensation Control 374E is designed to maximise the comfort and efficiency provided by a hydronic heating system. The control automatically adjusts the boiler and mix water temperatures that are delivered to the heating system by using outdoor reset. The 374e can control two boilers with sequencing and lead-lag rotation, Weather Compensation and domestic hot water control.  The 374e can operate two mixing devices, which can be either two mixing valves or two variable speed injection pumps. The mixing devices can be used to supply two different weather compensated water temperatures or one weather compensated and one setpoint water temperature to a space heating system. The 374e is capable of controlling an Indirect Domestic Hot Water (DHW) storage tank and setpoint load.

A large easy to read display provides current system temperatures and operating status. The control has an internal timer, which can have 2 events per day on a 24 hour, 5-1-1 day or 7-day schedule.

  •  - Two Mixing Devices
  •  - Two Boiler Stages
  •  - Two separate mix demands for space heating loads
  •  - Boiler demand for space heating loads
  •  - DHW demand for domestic hot water loads
  •  - Setpoint demand for setpoint loads
  •  - Installer and Advanced access levels
  •  - Primary pump and mixing system pump outputs
  •  - Exercising
  •  - Test sequence to ensure proper component operation
  •  - Internal setback timer for energy savings
  •  - Setback input for energy savings

Technical Specifications


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