Uponor Thermal Actuator For WGF Manifold - 230V 1022244
£ 21.35+vat
Uponor Thermal Actuator For WGF Manifolds 24V - 1007249
£ 23.44+vat
Uponor 1013006 Vario S 230V Thermal Actuator
£ 18.52+vat
Uponor 1002053 24V Manifold Thermal Actuator
£ 19.01+vat
Uponor Vario Plus Actuators - 1005605
£ 24.00+vat
Danfoss 088H3142 TWA-K Actuator 230v
£ 9.50+vat
Mohlenhoff Actuator
From £ 15.67+vat
230v Actuator With 4 Wire
£ 21.13+vat
Moehlenhoff Actuator Adapter
From £ 1.93+vat
230v Floating Actuator with Sensor for 3 or 4 Port Valve
£ 202.50+vat
230V Floating Actuator for 3 or 4 Port Valve
£ 105.30+vat
Polypipe Underfloor Heating 2 Wire Valve Actuator
£ 15.66+vat
Polypipe Underfloor Heating 4 Wire Valve Actuator
£ 26.08+vat
Uponor 1000138 24v Thermal Actuator
£ 13.48+vat
UPONOR Floating Actuator 230V
£ 121.06+vat


Underfloor Store stock a range of underfloor heating actuators from top brands including Uponor, Polypipe and Danfoss. You'll find actuators available in both 230v, 24v and underfloor heating actuator 4 wire actuators