Danfoss TWA-K Actuator 230v

Danfoss TWA-K Actuator 230v NC (M30X1.5)

Danfoss TWA-K Actuator 230v

The Danfoss Thermal Actuator TWA-K range is used with electrical on/off-controls to activate Heimeier, MNG and Oventrop valves with M30×1.5 connections. Other valves and floor heating manifolds with M30×1.5 connections may also be operated, however, this must be individually verified by test.

The actuator is equipped with a visual position indicator to show the open or closed position of the valve. The actuators are made for either 24V (SELV) or 230V supply in both normally closed (NC) or normally open (NO) versions (valve positions with no supply voltage to the actuator).

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