Concrete Floor

Floor Panel

solid floor panels image

A Floor Panel system is an old fashioned approach to underfloor heating the Egg Crate System sees the underfloor heating pipe clipped into a plastic tray. Once the pipe is fitted screed is applied as required.


Staple System

staple system image

Clipped direct with staples sees a foiled faced insulation board like kingspan or Celotex layed onto the concrete sub floor before the pipe is clipped directly on to it. After the underfloor heating has been tested the screed is then applied.

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Uponor Minitec

clip rail system image

The main advantage with Uponor Minitec is that it is a low profile system and allows for various floor coverings to be fitted. The Uponor Minitec panel for laying the PE-Xa pipes 9.9 x 1.1 mm can be installed on any existing screed, timber or tiled floor.

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