Underfloor Heating Staple Systems

Staple systems provide a quick, cost-effective and flexible method of installing screed underfloor heating systems. The staples have a barbed end which fixes into the underfloor heating insulation and holds the pipes in place. Staples are great for fixing screed systems because:

  • It fixes the pipes directly
  • It offers a quick and easy installation
  • It’s cost-effective to install
  • There is a high heat output and response

Staple systems with screed are the perfect solution if you’re looking to get wet underfloor heating in different zones. Here at Underfloor Store, we stock a range of screed packs from Warmus and Uponor that all come with staples to safely secure the pipes. 

Staple systems are not for everyone, staple systems are best in the following cases:

  • Ground floor levels
  • Irregular shaped rooms before staple and screed can adapt
  • New builds and extensions where you can control the floor and subfloor
  • Over solid concrete or beam and block subfloors
  • When the height of the floor isn’t an issue because screed can raise it slightly

Here at Underfloor Store, we can provide you with the perfect staple system that works for your kind of home. If you don’t know which system is suitable for you, then our trained staff are more than happy to help you decide the system that will be best for you.