Uponor Ecoflex Thermo Twin Pre Insulated Pipe

Uponor Ecoflex Thermo Twin Pre Insulated Pipe


Uponor Ecoflex Thermo Twin Pre Insulated Pipe

Uponor Ecoflex pipe is the ideal solution for a wide range of products from domestic family homes to outbuildings, education and industrial buildings. With a lightweight and flexible design no special tools are required and up to 200m of pipe can be used joint free.

Uponor Ecoflex pre-insulated pipe is suitable for heating and cooling water plus for use with industrial fluids.

Features of Uponor Ecoflex pre-insulated pipe:

 - Easy to handle
 - Easy to assemble
 - Cut to length service
 - Load bearing of up to 60 tonnes at 0.5m depth
- max. 6 bar / 80°C heating

This product is cut-to-order. Returns for any bespoke/made to or cut to order are not accepted. Please ensure that all lengths and the correct pipe are ordered. Please refer to the Uponor Ecoflex Pre-Insulated Pipe technical guide PDF for full details. Orders of less than 10 meters will attract a £60 shipping fee.

Technical Specifications

Pipe Type & SizeCode
Rubber End-Cap
WIPEX Coupling

Ecoflex Thermo Twin 2x25/175

Uponor 1018134

Uponor 1018309

Uponor 1018328

Ecoflex Thermo Twin 2x32/175

Uponor 1018135

Uponor 1018309

Uponor 1018329

Ecoflex Thermo Twin 2x40/175

Uponor 1018136

Uponor 1018309

Uponor 1018330

Ecoflex Thermo Twin 2x50/200

Uponor 1018137

Uponor 1018307

Uponor 1018331

Ecoflex Thermo Twin 2x63/200

Uponor 1018138

Uponor 1018307

Uponor 1018332