Uponor Ecoflex Supra Pre-Insulated Pipe

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Uponor Ecoflex Supra Pre-Insulated Pipe


Uponor Ecoflex Supra Pre-Insulated Pipe

Uponor Ecoflex Supra Pre-Insulated Pipe has been designed to work in a range of installations including swimming pools, hotels or in industry. Its main application is portable waster, cold water and cooling water but also works with waste water.

Features of  Uponor Ecoflex Supra Pre-Insulated Pipe

 - Easy to handle
 - Easy to assemble
 - Cut to length service
 - Load bearing of up to 60 tonnes at 0.5m depth
 - Supra Plus comes complete with freeze protection and available in lengths up to 150m
 - Max. 16 bar / 20°C

This product is cut-to-order. Returns for any bespoke/made to or cut to order are not accepted. Please ensure that all lengths and the correct pipe are ordered. Please refer to the Uponor Ecoflex Pre-Insulated Pipe technical guide PDF for full details. Orders of less than 10 meters will attract a £60 shipping fee.

Technical Specifications

Pipe Type & SizeCode
Rubber End Cap
Plasson Coupling
Ecoflex Supra 25/68
Uponor 1018124

Uponor 1018316

Uponor 1018400
Ecoflex Supra 32/68

Uponor 1018125

Uponor 1018316

Uponor 1018401
Ecoflex Supra 40/140

Uponor 1018126

Uponor 1018314

Uponor 1018402
Ecoflex Supra 50/140

Uponor 1018127

Uponor 1018314

Uponor 1018403
Ecoflex Supra 63/140

Uponor 1018128

Uponor 1018314

Uponor 1018404
Ecoflex Supra 75/175

Uponor 1018129

Uponor 1018312

Uponor 1018405
Ecoflex Supra 90/175

Uponor 1018130

Uponor 1018311

Uponor 1018406
Ecoflex Supra 110/200

Uponor 1018131

Uponor 1018310

Uponor 1018407