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Uponor Comfort 160w E Cable Underfloor Mat
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SunStone Electric Underfloor Heating Mat 150w/m²
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Electric Underfloor Heating Mats

Electric underfloor heating mats are the easiest method of underfloor heating to achieve radiant heating through your home. They’re easy to install, effective and can fit underneath all flooring types, even carpets, vinyl finishes and in wet rooms. Here at Underfloor Store, we stock a range of electric underfloor heating mats from SunStone.

What are Electric Underfloor Heating Mats?

Electric underfloor heating mats are a simple yet effective form of heating that can be easily rolled into place and your chosen flooring installed on top; this flooring can be ceramic, tiles, stone, carpet, vinyl or more. The electric underfloor heating mat will be connected to a source of electricity which will heat the underfloor mat. The heating wires on the mats are pre-spaced to ensure that there is radiant, even heating across the floor and room. Electric underfloor heating mats are the perfect all-rounder underfloor heating system for any property.

Electric Underfloor Heating Mats at Underfloor Store

Underfloor Store stocks a selection of electric underfloor heating mats ranging from 100W to 160W. The 100w is a great option if your aim is to achieve a warmer floor, whereas the 160W is the better option for heating a room throughout. What’s good about electric underfloor heating mats at Underfloor Store is that they are flexible. For rooms that are awkward shapes, the cables can be removed from the mat and moulded into shape to accommodate the area it needs to fit into.

Why Use an Electric Underfloor Heating Mat?

There are many benefits to underfloor heating, predominately radiant heating and lower energy bills. However, what makes electric underfloor heating mats a better choice over other underfloor heating systems is:

Versatility – Different underfloor heating systems are suited for different flooring types; however, electric underfloor heating mats are a versatile option that can fit underneath all floor types.

Easy Installation – The mats can simply be rolled into place which means that anyone can lay the mats themselves and you would just need an electrician to connect the wiring for you.

Low-Profile – Electric underfloor heating mats are very thin; they can be as little as 2mm thick! This means that your floor height won’t be an issue with this system.

Cheaper to Install – With electric underfloor heating kits, you’re getting a complete underfloor heating system, therefore, you don’t have to pay for extra parts. Additionally, due to the easy installation, you don’t have to pay a professional other than an electrician to complete the installation. 

Browse our full range of electric underfloor heating mats here at Underfloor Store. If you need any assistance in choosing the right electric underfloor heating mat for you, then call us today on 0330 1232 231 and our team will be more than happy to help.