SunStone Electric Underfloor Heating Mat 150w/m²


SunStone Electric Underfloor Heating Mat 150w/m²

SunStone electric underfloor heating is the ideal solution for not only a quick and easy install but for use as secondary or primary heating. Working with a wide range of floor finishes SunStone underfloor heating is the perfect choice for all types of projects and works with a host of Heatmiser electric underfloor heating thermostats, all of which can be found here.

Please click here to view/download the install guide. 

How to measure your room

Step 1: Measure the length and width of the room

Step 2: Calculate the total area of the room in square meters by multiplying the length and width

Step 4: Measure any fixed objects such as baths and pedestals and subtract them from Step 2

Step 5: Subtract a further 10 % to allow for a gap around the edges of the room

Step 6: Choose the smallest mat that is closest to the figure given in Step 5. If your room after Step 5 measures 3.60 choose a 3m2 mat.

If installing insulation use the figure in Step 1 as the insulation should fit flush against the room edges.

Technical Specifications

 220 ~ 240V: 50Hz
Outer WirePVC
Wattage density150m²
Lead length
10 year