Reisser Cutter 25mm Wood Screws Pack of 1600
£ 30.91+vat
30mm Clout Nail
From £ 4.58+vat
Underfloor Heating Nail Clip
From £ 6.60+vat
Single Plugged Hook 60mm x 50
£ 9.07+vat
Self-drilling Waffer Head Screw
£ 20.29+vat
Silverline - PVC Pipe Cutter - 25mm
£ 13.86+vat
Black Cable Tie 295mm X 3.6mm
£ 2.14+vat
7MM Bosh Glue Stick - Pack of 10
£ 5.21+vat
8MM SDS Drill Bit
£ 5.40+vat
All Purpose Duct Tape 2'' 50mm X 50m
£ 3.89+vat
Arrow HTX5050 Heavy Duty Hammer Tacker
£ 45.00+vat
Bosch Glue Gun - Battery Operated
£ 60.46+vat
Cellecta Screedboard Fixing Tools
£ 69.50+vat
Cimberio Loxeal Threadsealing (Formerly FR5811 Now C70-10)
£ 10.37+vat
DEVI Guard Cable Monitor
£ 75.60+vat
Pipe Cutter 12 - 28MM
£ 13.84+vat
Pipe Decoiler
£ 165.00+vat
Sentinel X700 Sanitiser and Biocide
£ 39.20+vat
Siccus 20mm Polystyrene Hot Cutter Head
£ 57.28+vat
Underfloor Heating Bevelling Tool
£ 15.25+vat
Underfloor Heating Tacker Gun
£ 155.36+vat
Uponor Beveling Tool 16
£ 11.92+vat
Uponor Galvanised Steel Pipe Bend Support
From £ 0.92+vat
Uponor MLC Bending Spring Inside
From £ 2.76+vat
Uponor MLC Bending Spring Outside
From £ 3.47+vat
Uponor MLC Beveling Tool
£ 15.25+vat
Uponor RTM Calibration Tool 16/20/25mm
£ 2.14+vat
Uponor Tacker Clip Stapler Magazine 14-20mm l=700mm
£ 155.36+vat
VELTA SICCUS Polystyrene Hot Cutter
From £ 168.54+vat
Warmus Pipe Bend Support
From £ 0.71+vat
Arrow Staples T50 Box 1250
£ 4.90+vat