WARMUS Timber Single Area Underfloor Heating Kit
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WARMUS Timber Single Zone Underfloor Heating Kit
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Timber Floor

Timber is a popular finish of flooring for domestic and commercial properties and is suitable for both electric and wet underfloor heating given the right installation requirements are met. Here at Underfloor Store, we stock timber floor packs; everything you need to have underfloor heating installed underneath your timber floor. 

Recommendations for your Timber Floor

If your timber floor is too thick, then you won’t get the full spectrum of benefits from your underfloor heating system, therefore, we recommend that your timber thickness should be no more than 18mm. The ratio of thickness to width should also be in the region of 7 to 11. Therefore, a board with a thickness of 15mm should have a width of 150mm to give a ratio of 10, making it ideal. 

Generally, the temperature of the timber floor when the underfloor heating is in use should not exceed 27 degrees, although this can vary dependent on the underfloor heating system. In order to control the temperature of the underfloor heating system accurately, a thermostat should be installed. Here at Underfloor Store, we have a range of thermostats available that will be suitable for many different requirements. 

Wet underfloor heating is more difficult to retrofit into an existing property with timber floor as opposed to electric underfloor heating. It would require the complete removal of the flooring and isn’t advised in upper floors as the ceiling would need to be removed from the floor below. 

Timber is susceptible to moisture which can make it expand. Once you install the underfloor heating system, it is advised that you do not turn it on for 48 hours to allow the timber to acclimatise. After this, you should increase the temperature by one degree Celsius each day until you reach your desired temperature. 

When getting timber floor, if you’re looking to get underfloor heating installed it is always best to ask if it is compatible with underfloor heating systems. Our timber floors packs at Underfloor Store can fit many types of timber flooring.