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Heatmiser neoStat E Electric Floor Heating Thermostat
From £ 53.00+vat
Heatmiser neoStat v2 230v Programmable Digital Thermostat
From £ 45.00+vat
Danfoss 088U0625 WT-P Programmable Digital Thermostat
£ 32.50+vat
Heatmiser E-Touch Electric Heating Thermostat
£ 48.33+vat
Heatmiser Edge - Modbus Multi Mode Programmable Room Thermostat
£ 35.00+vat
Heatmiser Multi Mode Slimline RF Wireless Thermostat
£ 40.00+vat
Heatmiser neoStat 12v - Programmable Thermostat V2
£ 54.00+vat
Heatmiser neoStat-HW 230v Hot Water Programmer
From £ 54.00+vat
Heatmiser Slimline 230v Programmable Digital Thermostat v4
£ 35.00+vat
Heatmiser Slimline-B Battery Programmable Thermostat
£ 41.04+vat
Heatmiser TM4 230v Touchscreen Time Clock four Channel
£ 52.00+vat
Heatmiser Touch 230v Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat
£ 45.00+vat
Uponor 1058425 Wired 230v Digital Programmable Thermostat
£ 75.55+vat

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats allow you to program your underfloor heating system for your individual requirements and needs. Programmable thermostats can be operated around you and your schedule; helping you to save money on your utility bills by reducing wasted energy.

You can set up programmable thermostats to turn on your underfloor heating system at a time that is convenient for your schedule, so you can arrive home to a warm and comfortable environment.


Programmable Thermostats at Underfloor Store

Here at Underfloor Store, we stock and sell a great range of programmable thermostats that can be paired up with both wet and electric underfloor heating systems. The programmable thermostats that we stock are supplied from reputable brands Heatmiser, Danfoss, Uponor and Kanmor.

We have wireless and hard-wired programmable thermostats available which can be battery operated or powered by the mains. Hard-wired programmable thermostats are wired directly into the underfloor heating system.

The programmable thermostats at Underfloor Store can have all or some of these features included:

  • A built-in proportional adaptive function ensures that the room doesn’t overheat to reduce energy wastage. The temperature in the room will never reach an uncomfortable level as the thermostat will tell the underfloor heating system to stop heating when it detects that the room temperature is too high.
  • An early start algorithm learns how long it takes the room to reach your desired temperature; once this algorithm is established, the programmable thermostat will activate the underfloor heating system to gradually heat up, so your desired temperature is reached at the time you programmed.
  • Easy to read display screens and instructions that allow you to program your thermostat for the first time in a matter of minutes.
  • Stylish and contemporary designs that can suit the wall finishes of many homes.

Underfloor Store can help recommend the perfect programmable thermostat to match your underfloor heating system and your personal requirements.