Nothing beats the feeling of a nice warm home. Our simple and cost effective electric heating solutions can be installed anywhere in your home. No matter whether you use them as your main or secondary heating source, whether you are renovating a room or building a new house, or even if you simply want to increase comfort or make a smart investment in the value of your home, installing electric heating is smart and creates an extremely comfortable living environment. If electric underfloor heating is not right for your home then feel free to browse through our wet underfloor heating range.

If you ever need underfloor heating spares then Underfloor Store can provide you with everything from pipes to pressure gauges.

Besides ease of use, comfort and efficiency our heating systems save precious space, especially in small rooms. Installation is simple and can be completed in just a few hours, from start to finish. What system is best for you depends on floor area, how well insulated it is and what type of floor covering you will be laying over the top.

Are you planning to build a new house? Renovate your kitchen or bathroom? Extending your home?Electric underfloor heating is the perfect way to add warmth, space and value to your home. Our electric underffloor heating mats and cables from Devi add that and so much more. We can provide you with floor heating solutions for almost any type of floor structure and surface. Our high-quality products are cost-effective, reliable and easy-to-install. Nothing beats the feeling of a nice warm home. 

No matter whether you are renovating a room or building a new house, or even if you simply want to increase comfort or make a smart investment in the value of your home, installing electric underfloor heating is flexible, smart, highly cost-effective and creates an extremely comfortable living environment.

Heat Rises! 

This simple fact explains why electric underfloor heating provides a more comfortable warmth than alternative radiator systems. Electric  underfloor heating distributes the heat evenly over the whole floor providing an appropriately pleasant warmth for your feet, body and head. The wholesome heat surrounding your feet slowly rises, warming your body without ever becoming oppressive. Typically, underfloor heating makes it possible to lower the average room temperature by 2ยบ C without affecting the degree of comfort. This means that the temperature can be reduced by around 10% - which is both an economic and an environmental advantage.

Electric Underfloor Heating Mats or cables

Our electric underfloor heating mat and cable kits can be installed under tiles, wood, laminate and vinyl floor coverings. However you do it electric underfloor heating kits from Devi or Ebeco will keep you warm but also cut costs by only heating where heat is needed.

Underfloor Heating Mats are perfect for kitchens, in the lounge and dining rooms. Why not use an underfloor heating mat kit to keep those feet warm after you have had a shower!

Underfloor Heating Loose Wire Systems are the best choice for bathrooms or rooms that are smaller. The cable is a long continuous roll that is rolled out from a drum and allows the installer to space the cable evenly as they progress through the installation. 

Inscreed Heating is used for high height heat loss areas such as extensions or conservatories. These areas will generally take longer to heat up. 

Underwood / Carpet / Vinyl Foil Mat are no problem for electric underfloor heating. Our kits from Devi and Ebeco are ideal for a range of floor coverings and finishes.

Benefits of Having Underfloor Heating

Inexpensive to run

As the underfloor heating mats are controlled by a thermostat they will only run as and when they are needed to reach the ideal temperature of the room. If you have a solar system attached to your property then this will subsidise a healthy portion of the running costs.

Efficient Heating

Unlike conventional radiators, underfloor heating produces radiant heat which slowly, but evenly, heats up the room which removes the possibility of having any cold or hot spots.

It can be the primary heating method

Our range of underfloor heating kits are adequate enough to be the main source of heating for every room in your house.

Easy Installation

You can personally do a lot of the preparation for an underfloor heating system with regards to laying out all of the mats. However any wiring must be completed by a qualified electrician.

Suitable for a wide range of floor finishes

Our underfloor heating range is suitable for a wide range of floor types, to find out more please visit a product page for more information.