Pipe Positioning Panels

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Pipe Positioning Panels (PPP's) provide a quick, cost-effective and flexible method of installing screed underfloor heating systems. The Pipe Positioning Panels have raised castellations to hold the pipe at regular spacings. The castellations enable pipes to be held in place by PPP's every 50mm enabling the UFH pipes to be laid neatly at 200mm centres.

  • It fixes the pipes directly into the panel
  • It offers a quick and easy installation
  • It’s cost-effective to install
  • There is a high heat output and response

PPP's with screed are the perfect solution if you’re looking to get wet underfloor heating in different zones.

PPP's are best in the following cases:

  • Ground floor levels
  • Flats or Houses where there is an acoustic layer that can't be fixed through i.e. Yelofon HD10
  • Over solid concrete or beam and block subfloors
  • To help space the pipes neatly at 200mm centres
  • When the height of the floor isn’t an issue because the screed can raise it slightly

Underfloor Store provides you with the perfect PPP system that works for your home. If you don’t know which system is suitable for you give us a call or get in touch via the contact us page.

Please note: Pipe Positioning Panels aren't recommended when a flow screed is used as the flowing screed can raise the panels. Please also note that delivery can take between 2-3 days.