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Our Programmable Thermostats

Here at Underfloor Store, we stock and sell a range of programmable thermostats that can be paired up with both wet and electric underfloor heating systems. Our programmable thermostats are supplied from reputable brands such as Heatmiser, Danfoss, Uponor and Kanmor. 

Not only can our programmable thermostats help to save money but they can also reduce wasted energy by allowing you to operate your system around you and your schedule. These thermostats are guaranteed to give you the control that is needed to efficiently suit any of your requirements and needs.

Programmable Thermostats at Underfloor Store

From wireless to hard-wired, our programmable thermostats at Underfloor Store can be battery-powered or powered at the mains. Our hard-wired programmable thermostats are also wired directly into your underfloor heating system.

Our programmable thermostats come with a range of great features, including:

  1. A built-in proportional adaptive function that ensures your room doesn’t overheat, helping to reduce energy wastage by detecting when the room temperature is too high.
  2. An early start algorithm that learns the time it takes for the room to reach your desired temperature. Once this algorithm is established, the programmable thermostat will then activate the underfloor heating system to gradually heat up, allowing your desired temperature to be reached at the time you programmed it.
  3. An easy-to-read display screens with instructions that allow you to program your thermostat in a matter of minutes!
  4. With stylish and contemporary designs, guaranteed to suit any wall finishes in any home.

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Here at Underfloor Store, our expert team are dedicated to helping to recommend the best programmable thermostat that matches your underfloor heating system. We also focus heavily on meeting all your personal requirements! If you are looking for a quality programmable thermostat for your underfloor heating system, contact us on 0330 1232 231 today!