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Wilo Stratos PARA 30/1-12 Pump

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The Wilo Stratos PARA 30/1-12

The Wilo Stratos PARA 30/1-12 is ideal for underfloor heating. It is an electronically controlled high-efficiency pump  with built-in electronic power control for constant/variable differential pressure.With an application range from -10 to +110 °C with a cataphoretic coating providing perfect protection from corrosion.

Special features / product benefits:

  • Application in the medium temperature range of -10 °C to +80 °C (+110 °C)

  • Electronic performance control via external control signals 0-10 V or PWM

  • Control mode selection and differential pressure setpoint setting for p-c, p-v via operating button

  • Standard delivery with cable for an easy electrical connection

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