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WARMUS P20 Clamp Track

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WARMUS P20 Clamp Track Without or without Barbs x 100

The  P20 Clamp Track without  Barbs is a self-adhesive universal clip rail made of PPC, It is suited for 16mm-20mm pipe and is 0.6m in length with a width of 50mm. The space between the pipe holders is 50mm and can be used with U-Clips for more secure fastening of your underfloor heating insulation. 

The  WarmUs P20 Clamp with Barbs for PEX pipe 20 x 2mm. Length 600mm. Clips at c/c 150mm. Clip rails snap together to form longer lengths.Allow 1-2 pcs/m².

Technical Specifications

WU10S2001With Barbs
WU10S2002Without Barbs
Pipe compatibility
Quantity per pack