Timber 1 Zone Underfloor Heating Pack

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Timber 1 Zone Underfloor Heating Pack

Our Timber underfloor heating packs are designed soley for insulation between joists or suspended floors. To install your underfloor heating kit your pack contains aluminum spreader plates that are secured to joists using screws or nails.

Each spreader plate have 16mm groves to accomodate the underfloor heating pipe to allow easy installation. Control of your underfloor heating is via a standard dial thermostat that comes with a 12 Way Wiring Centre. You are invited to upgrade your thermostat to add further functionality to your control system. We have a wide selection of thermostats including programmable and thermostats that you can control via a smartphone.

Included in your undefloor heating pack are the following

WarmUs Underfloor Heating 16mm MLC Pipe - Double Heat Emission Plates - Nail Clips - Clout Nails - Manifold - Pump and blending kit - Compression Adapter - Ball Valve - 2 Port Valve - Pipe Cutter - Bevelling Tool

Technical Specifications
Our packs are avaialble in sizes 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50m2.

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