Warmup VLo Ultra-12 Low Build System -Straight Panel XPS 18mm x 600mm x 1200mm


Warmup VLo Ultra-12 Low Build System -Straight Panel  XPS 18mm x 600mm x 1200mm

Are you looking for a fast, efficient, and versatile underfloor heating system for your home renovation or new build The VLo Ultra-12 Low Build System from Warmup is the perfect solution

Key Benefits: Minimal Floor Height Increase: Adds only 18mm to your floor build-up, ideal for projects where space is limited

.Quick and Easy Installation: Dry installation method with pre-formed panels for fast and hassle-free setup.

Energy Efficient: Advanced technology and built-in insulation for lower running costs.

Versatile: Compatible with all floor finishes, including wood, tile, vinyl, and carpet.

Suitable for All Projects: Perfect for both renovations and new builds, even with uninsulated floors.

Works with Various Heat Sources: Compatible with traditional boilers and modern heat pumps.

Advanced Features

Built-in High-Quality Insulation: Ensures optimal heat distribution and energy efficiency.150μm

Diffuser: Provides even heat spread across the floor for maximum comfort.

Dedicated Panel Types: Heating, end, service, and plain panels for easy customization to any room size or shape

Improved 12mm PERT Heating Pipe: Durable and reliable for long-lasting performance.

Recycled Fleece Decoupling Layer: Ensures a fast, secure, and low-weight installation.

Upgrade Your Home Heating with Warmup VLo Ultra-12Experience the comfort and efficiency of underfloor heating without sacrificing floor space. The VLo Ultra-12 Low Build System is the perfect choice for homeowners and builders who demand the best.

Technical Specifications

Warmup code
DensityDensity 50 kg/m³
Thermal Conductivity0.034W/mK
Compressive Strength 500kN/m²
Water Absorption (2-day immersion)<1.0% by volume
Water Absorption CapillaryZero
CompositionExtruded polystyrene with 150μm thick aluminium foil layer on top, with a fibreglass reinforcement mesh and a 100% recycled polyester fleece on top and bottom
Pipe centres150 mm
Dimensions0.07 mm/mK
Weight of the Panel 1 kg
Water Vapour Diffusion Resistivity factor (µ)110 – 225
Fire Behaviour Euroclass E

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