Uponor Wired 12 channel controller C-35

Uponor Underfloor Heating 12 Zone Controller C-35


The Uponor C-35 is no longer available. Please see below for our alternative products.

Please check compatibility of actuators for your manifold and choose adpaters as needed.

Technical Specifications

Alternative Products

Uponor 1071647 Smatrix Wave Plus Control Set X-165 + I-167 UK 6X
£ 320.21+vat
Uponor 1071659 Smatrix Wave Slave Module M-160 6X
£ 44.58+vat
Uponor 1086984 Smatrix Wave Programmable Thermostat +RH T-168
£ 45.60+vat
Uponor 1071679 Smatrix Base Controller X-145 BUS UK 6X
£ 94.98+vat
Uponor 1071686 Smatrix Base Slave Module M-140 BUS 6X
£ 30.87+vat
Uponor 1086975 Smatrix Base Thermostat Standard T-145 BUS POD
£ 17.06+vat
Uponor 1086976 Smatrix Base Digital Thermostat T-146 BUS
£ 28.67+vat
Uponor 1086977 Smatrix Base Programmable Thermostat +RH T-148 BUS
£ 35.66+vat
Uponor 1086982 Smatrix Wave Digital Thermostat T-166
£ 39.31+vat
Uponor 1087813 Smatrix Style Base White
£ 71.71+vat
Uponor 1087814 Smatrix Style Base Black
£ 78.96+vat
Uponor 1087816 Smatrix Style Wave Plus Thermostat White
£ 76.53+vat
Uponor 1087817 Smatrix Style Wave Plus Thermostat Black
£ 79.63+vat