Uponor 1093134 Smatrix PULSE Wired Slave Module


Uponor 1093134 Smatrix PULSE Wired Slave Module

The Uponor Smatrix PULSE Slave Module is a 6 channel module used to add extra zones onto the Smatrix PULSE Wired Controller. 

• Offers up to 48 heating control zones all set up and controlled via an easy to use app.
• Thanks to this advanced control you can now adjust your heating with your voice via the Alexa
and Google Home enabled skills.*
• No internet No worries! With the unique way our signals are sent, the unit will make its own
network allowing for tethering to the control network when you are local.
• Backward compatible – all existing Smatrix thermostats will work with the new controls

Technical Specifications

Uponor Code
M-242 Wired 6X