Kanmor 512E Room Thermostat


Kanmor 512E Room Thermostat 

The Kanmoe 512e programmable thermostat is a 24v 2electronic 2 stage heating/cooling thermostat. Two Auxiliary sensor inputs available for air and slab control. Features early start from night setback.

This thermostat has been designed with state of the art technology and packaged in a compact and attractive enclosure. The large display and easy to use buttons make this thermostat extremely user friendly.

The 512e thermostat is designed to increase the comfort level of your home as well as to increase the energy efficiency of your heating system. At the same time these thermostats have been designed to be simple to use.

Dimensions 73x73x21mm


  • Two stage heat or heat/cooling
  • Large Text Display
  • Fully programmable with 4 switching periods
  • Backlight
  • Optional remote floor sensing
  • Optional remote air sensing
  • Early start from setback

Technical Specifications