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Heatmiser neoHub 

The neoHub handles all of the network communication between the neoStat and neoPlug and is very much the brain of the Neo System. Therefore you will require one if you’re looking to control your heating & hot water system from your Smartphone.

The neoHub connects to your home router by an ethernet cable, so one free port is required. The neoHub is very much plug and play and pairing neoStat’s, neoAir & neoPlug to the neoHub couldn’t be easier. After you have paired all of your Neo devices (up to 32 are supported) you will have In Home and Remote access of your heating, hot water and appliances.

To ensure your neoHub is always up to date, your neoHub will automatically download and install updates so you will always benefit from the very latest software enhancements.

Cloud Server Connection As the Heatmiser neoHub connects via the Heatmiser Cloud Servers, there isn’t any technical setup.

Remote Updates Our auto updates will ensure your neoHub and connected devices are always running the latest firmware, this means you can benefit from our latest software enhancements.

Connected by Ethernet The Heatmiser neoHub uses a direct Ethernet connection, so you will require one free network port on your router.

Technical Specifications

No. Connected Devices



neoStat, neoAir, neoPlug


1 x Ethernet Port (RJ45) Lead Supplied

Included in Kit

1 x neoHub

1 x Ethernet Lead

1 x Mini USB Power Lead

4 x Power Adaptors

Mesh Function



230v AC

Dimensions (L,H,D)


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