Emmeti 3 Port Manifold

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Emmeti 3 Port Manifold

Manufactured to the highest standards in Italy Emmeti underfloor heating manifolds are a premium option when it comes to choosing a manifold for you underfloor heating.

Included in the box with the manifold comes:

1 x Pair of Ball Valves (Please Note: If using this manifold with the Emmeti T3 Control Set, the T3 Ball Valve Kit must be used in place of the standard manifold ball valves).

1 x Pair of double offset brackets (Manifolds are pre-assembled in the box).

2 x Blanking Plugs.

2 x Automatic air vents.

2 x Drain/Fill valves.

1 x Pre-assembled nickel-plated brass manifold. Flow Rail comes with lockshields and flowmeters included. Return Rail includes blue capped integrated electrothermic bodies for each circuit.

Technical Specifications

Max. temperature on primary circuit: 85 °C
Maximum operating pressure: 10 Bar
Manifold size: 1"
Primary connections: G1"
Manifold connections: M 24x19